WVSSAC Robotics

Starting in the 2021-22 school year, students all across West Virginia will have the opportunity to select Robotics as a recognized co-curricular activity by the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission. This new classification enables recognition and parity for robotics programs to thousands of students.

WVSSAC Robotics teams will play a modified version of the VEX V5 Robotics Competition game, with changes made only to the eligibility rules and tournament structure. This format will enable high schools with existing VRC teams to add WVSSAC robotics without needing to purcase any additional parts or equipment.

Although VRC and WVSSAC Robotics share the same game, WVSSAC Robotics is a separate program which will take place in parallel to the existing V5RC season. Schools will be able to hold meets in the fall, winter, and spring, with the season culminating in the WVSSAC Robotics State Championship event in April.

Current Game: High Stakes

WVSSAC Robotics events use the same gameplay and scoring rules as the VEX V5 Robotics Competition, with modifications to team rules and the tournament format. The scoring objects in V5RC High Stakes are 7 inch toroidal rings. Teams earn points by scoring rings on stakes. Some stakes are stationary, while others are attached to mobile goals. At the end of the match, teams earn additional points by hanging from the ladder in the center of the field.

Our Support

The WV Robotics Alliance coordinates with schools, universities, and other partners to provide equipment, staffing, and support for local events throughout the state, which are generally held between November and April. The WV Robotics Alliance also coordinates the WVSSAC Robotics State Championship, which is held in April.

In addition, we provide equipment and training to start new WVSSAC Robotics teams through our Robotics Expansion Project.

WVSSAC Robotics is administrated by the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission, which is the governing body for high school sports and co-curricular activities in West Virginia, in colaboration with the WV Robotics Alliance and other parties.

For more information about getting involved in WVSSAC Robotics, contact us: