Private support is the critical to the success of our statewide robotics outreach. The impact of our sponsors can be seen in nearly every area of the program: robots and fields for disadvantaged teams, AmeriCorps volunteer stipend and travel, volunteer recognition and support, summer camp programs, and much more! Each gift carries with it the power to provide STEM opportunities that can change lives. The WV Robotics Alliance is an outreach effort based at Fairmont State University, and we are fortunate to be able to accept tax-deductible charitable gifts through the Fairmont State Foundation.

The Foundation has a safe and secure online giving platform which allows donors to easily make a gift directly to the WV Robotics Alliance.

To ensure your donation gets to our program when using the online portal, select “Other” from the Designation drop down, and enter WV Robotics Alliance.

To send a gift by mail, download a gift form. Mail completed form (and check, if applicable) to:

Fairmont State Foundation
1300 Locust Avenue
Fairmont, WV 26554

Please make checks payable to Fairmont State Foundation.

Sponsorship Levels

With all sponsorships, contact Todd ( or 304-685-3146) to discuss what donation and recognition would align best with you or your company. Any amount is appreciated, and no matter the size of the gift, 100% of your donation goes straight to the students. There is no overhead, no indirect fees, no salary, etc. We will work with you to ensure your gift is having the impact and receives the recognition you deserve.

$50 – Covers the cost of a team to enter a tournament in WV. You can even specify the team you are sponsoring!

$100–$500 – Sponsors a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Explore team with a WeDo robot and registration. This critical program is where we really change attitudes of female and minority participation in STEM.

$500–$1,000 – Sponsors a FLL Challenge or VEX IQ Challenge team with an EV3 or VEX IQ robot, field, and team registration.

$1,000–$2,500 – Sponsors a FIRST Tech Challenge or VEX Robotics Competition team with a robot, team registration, field, and local event registration. OR this level can cover the costs for one of our 30+ qualifying tournaments. When our team travels from Fairmont to an event, we often have a $1,000 travel bill for the rental vans, hotel, and meals. Additionally, at each event we provide our amazing volunteers with a shirt and hospitality as well as trophies for teams. You or your company will receive a logo placement on the annual volunteer shirt, your logo in the sponsor ticker on the scoreboards at each event, and a plaque at our annual dinner.

$2,500–$5,000 – Sponsors part or all of a state championship tournament. These are our largest and best attended events hosted in the Fairmont State University Falcon Center. To run these events, we rent a large moving truck, and need to cover facility rental, volunteer hospitality, team trophies, and when possible, we try to provide one or more teams with a $1,000 gift to cover the registration at the World Championship they just qualified for. You or your company will be able to hand deliver a giant check on the main stage, receive a logo placement on the annual volunteer shirt, your logo in the sponsor ticker on the scoreboards at each event, and a plaque at our annual dinner.

$5,000–$10,000 – Sponsors at this level underwrite our entire program. Prior sponsors such as STEM Enterprises provided a classroom set of EV3 robots and iPads that we needed to offer summer camps (and they are still being used 6 years later!). Leidos has sponsored a full year of an AmeriCorps volunteer position ($6,000 living stipend and $3,000 travel reimbursemment) which provides an opportunity to work full-time alongside our NASA Education Resource Center team, and to train and support hundreds of robotics teams across the state. This level of sponsorship receives the top and largest logo on all shirts, and materials at all events, as well as the opportunity to truly guide and shape our program. We will ensure that your gift is having the impact you desire and will coordinate press releases and interviews with media.