VEX Robotics Competition

In the VEX Robotics Competition, middle & high school teams build, program, and drive robots in a competitive game using the VEX V5 platform. VEX Robotics Competition games are played on a 12’x12’ square field. Two (2) Alliances – one “red” and one “blue” – composed of two 2 Teams each, compete in matches consisting of a fifteen second Autonomous Period, followed by a one minute and forty-five second Driver Controlled Period. Teams also compete in the Robot Skills Challenge where one robot takes the field to score as many points as possible in one minute. Additionally, teams are judged on an engineering notebook that shows their understanding of the engineering design process.

Current Game: VRC Spin Up

The VRC Spin Up field comprises 60 discs, 2 high goals, 2 low goals, and 2 rollers. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than the opposing alliance by scoring discs in goals, owning rollers by rotating them so your alliance color faces up, and by contacting as many field tiles as possible at the end of the match.

Our Support

The WV Robotics Alliance coordinates with schools, universities, and other partners to provide equipment, staffing, and support for qualifying tournaments throughout the state, which are generally held between November and February. The WV Robotics Alliance also coordinates the West Virginia VRC State Championship, which is held in early March at the Fairmont State University Falcon Center.

In addition, we provide equipment and training to start new school-based VRC teams through our Robotics Expansion Project.

The VEX Robotics Competition is presented by the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation, a US-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization. The REC Foundation’s mission is to increase student interest and involvement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by engaging students in hands-on, affordable, and sustainable robotics engineering programs.

For more information about the VEX Robotics Competition or to register a team, visit the REC Foundation website: